Republic of Malta, 1976 Decimal Proof Coin Collection, FDC

The island of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea approximately 60 miles south of Sicily. In 1964 it became an independent state within the British Commonwealth, and in 1974 Malta became a republic.
This year, for the first time in history, the Republic of Malta authorized the minting of its legal tender Proof coinage in the United States. And these coins reflect the proud heritage of this tiny Island. The Great Siege Monument, shown on the fifty-cent coin, commemorates the defeat of a vastly superior Turkish invasion force in 1565. The new National emblem is portrayed on the twenty-five-cent coin. The Grand Master's Barge - a magnificent ceremonial vessel - is featured on the ten-cent coin. The floral altar depicted on the five-cent coin stood in the Temple of Hagar Qim, one of Malta's most famous prehistoric monuments. Malta's historic struggle for independence is symbolized in the portrait of Penthesilea, Queen of Amazons, which appears on the two-cent coin. The George Cross, Great Britain's tribute to the Maltese people for their extraordinary bravery during World War LL, is depicted on the one-cent. An earthen lampstand, typical of those used by Maltese families before the introduction of electricity, appears on the five-mils coin. A bee and honeycomb are shown on the three-mils coin. And finally the well-known Maltese Cross, emblem of the legendary Knights of Malta, is portrayed on the two-mils coin.
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