Falkland Islands, 2017 Fifty Pence "SOUTHERN ROCKHOPPER" Penguin, Coloured Cupro-Nickel Diamond Finish, in Capsule

First issue of the penguins series, The Southern Rockhopper Penguin in Brilliant Uncirculated, issued by the Pobjoy Mint in a blue pouch and Pobjoy Certificate of Authenticity. The Falkland Islands refer to themselves as the Penguin Capital of the World as more than 1 million penguins nest on the islands throughout the year. The design features an adult Southern Rockhopper, a quirky penguin with a signature hairstyle making this coin attractive to animal lovers and numismatics alike. The Rockhopper penguin is depicted with its wings raised, poised in position they take before they hop. The obverse features a new effigy design of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. Rockhopper penguins are remarkable creatures reaching about a metre tall and weighing no more than 2.7kg. These tiny penguins take their name from the rocky shore-line where they nest in tall grasses called Tussocks. The Rockhopper in appearance looks similar to other penguins but are easily distinguishable by the black and yellow spikey plume upon their heads. When you look closer you can see a few other differences including red eyes and pink webbed feet. Indigenous to the Falklands these penguins live on a diet of krill and small crustaceans and sometimes go hunting for days at a time. They can dive to a depths of 100 metres to catch their prey and stay down for several minutes without taking a breath. When Rockhopper's come back to shore they often have to navigate their way up a cliff face; they either climb or ride a wave and try to land at the top. Despite the Rockhopper being one of the world's most numerous penguins, since the early 20th century the number of Rockhopper has decreased by 20% and they are now considered 'vulnerable' This is most probably due to human activity such as overfishing and palliation damaging their food supply.
stock no 71002

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