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Isle of Man, 1982 World's First 20 pence Coin, Cupro-Nickel Diamond Finish, Mint Pack UNC

Isle of Mam Legal Tender 20 Pence Coin, First year of issue. The obverse face displays the official portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Man by Arnold Machin R.A.
The reverse face relief on the new 20p Coin was designed and sculpted by Leslie Lindsay, Cert. R.A.S. It illustrates Viking arms and armour of the 9th to 13th centuries, including a winged-helmet, a breastplate, broad-swords spears, battle-axes and daggers, and a Norse 'targe' or shield bearing a 'lymphard' or Viking galley emblem. This ancient device predates the three-legged Triskelion as the island's symbol. In keeping with other Manx coins, the 20 pence denomination is indicated solely by the figure '20'. Ref 20482

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