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Victoria 1861 Penny, with 6 over 8 in date, GVF to NEF, Believed to be finest known

This piece could possibly be the best available to commerce, for your interest only and NOT FOR SALE
Queen Victoria 1861 Penny with 6 over 8 in date, shown here is "Extremely Rare" listed in "The Bronze Coinage of Great Britain-By Freeman" F30 with estimated rarity R18. Considering that fewer than 10-15 coins of this type are estimated to be present and less than 10 recorded, this coin really is extremely rare. This piece has been examined by at least 3 specialists, all of whom have given a positive identification. One of these being the late Connoisseur of copper coins- Colin Cooke, who graded it as GVF to NEF. Thus this piece could possibly be the best available to commerce. NOT FOR SALE 23586

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