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1898B British Trade Dollar, Bombay Mint EF

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1898B British Trade Dollar, Bombay Mint EF. England had since the early 18th Century, trade with the Far East operated - it moved eastward, established in 1819 in Singapore and 1842 in Hong Kong. Both were strategically important ports in world trade. With the increase of British influence was the desire for a special Trade dollar in order to achieve compliance with the dollar in the East. The production started in 1895, the weight of the silver coin is exactly 26.9586 grams with fine .900 silver and the diameter is about 39 millimetres. The obverse shows the standing Britannia with a trident and shield in front of a sailing ship (a symbol of trade, so ONE DOLLAR). The mint mark of the mint is in the middle point of the trident. 'B' stands for Bombay 'C' stands for Calcutta without mintmark stands for London (rather rare) Unfortunately; many of these coins have been counterfeited. Distinctive features are for example a flatter topography, a missing flag on middle mast of ship, false bow, the folds of the robe, etc. 47424 

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