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France, 100 CENT FRANCS, 1941 Pick 27, Crisp Uncirculated

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France, 100 CENT FRANCS, 1941 Crisp UNC. FRONT: Allegoric laureate women - France - with child, Aerial view of heart of Paris and the Notre-Dame; Back: Chateau de Sully n- sur - Loire, near Orleans, south of Paris, A grazing and tillage scene; French bishop, Bishop of Paris and an architect, Maurice de Sully (1120-1196), Who began building Notre Dame de Paris; (Maximilien de Bethune, Baron de Rosny, Duke of Sully?); Signatures: Lucien Jonas; Engraved by Emile Deloche; Watermark: Mercury and Ceres (Bacchus = Dionysus?) GRADE: Choice Crisp UNC 49041 £22.00 

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