Welcome to my brand new, improved website, which has replaced my old site of nearly ten years. I hope you like it! 
I have had a long association with coins beginning in 1964 as a school boy, so over the last 50 years I have built a sound knowledge of the numismatic market. 
Here you will find a superb range for the beginner and average collector, from budget priced date fillers to coins for the advanced collector, containing British and foreign coins, tokens, with some medals and banknotes, so you are sure to find something of interest. 
Please take a look down the COIN MENU especially as the contents grow over the coming months and years. The site will be regularly up-dated, so please keep looking. 
Please click on the link below to view visitor and business information on Thornton-le-Dale. 


Everything we sell at Charles Snowden Coins is guaranteed to be original, genuine, accurately graded and reasonable priced. 
All items are photographed and given an individual item number. After an item has been sold it will be deleted or made clear it is now not available, so you will be guaranteed to get the item you are looking at. 
For complete peace of mind all items sold come with a 14 day 'money back promise'. If for whatever reason you’re not entirely satisfied, please tell us within 14 days and we'll gladly take it back and give you a full "no questions asked" refund. 


A BOYHOOD interest in coin collecting proved the starting point for Charles Snowden, whose numismatic career spans over 50-years. 
Like many people, he became interested in coins during the run-up to decimalization, when most people began collecting coins from change; however, his approach was slightly different, as he explains: “My Grandparents were farmers, and at the age of 14, I would cycle down to their farm at Black Bull near my home town on Saturdays, working around 4 hours cutting the lawns and gardening. Grandma looked after the chickens and sold the eggs for 2/6 a dozen. I worked for 2/6 an hour so was always paid in halfcrowns, every now and again one would turn up in sterling silver, so I imagine she did not go to the bank very often. I found myself wanting to know a little more about the magnificent coins I had worked for. From there my interest in coins was born”. 
In 1985 Charles issued his first catalogue of coins for sale as a part time dealer, trading as Ryedale Coins. With the arrival of the internet he had a website built. This early site had no pictures, so with the coming of eBay and other picture sites the old site soon became a relic of the past. 
Charles is full-time now with a large stock to download, which includes British and world coins, medallions, tokens and some banknotes. With a range of prices to suit all pockets hopefully there will be something to suit everyone. 


Charles's daughter Gail was born in 1972 and from the early age of 3 took an uncanny interest in coins! 
“The story starts with a local builder who had been renovating an old chemist shop in our town around 1975, and found a mint bag of Victorian farthings under a staircase. The bag contained one pound worth of farthings dated 1900 that's 960 coins; they had probable laid there untouched for over 60 years. The builder knew I collected coins so contacted me, we agreed a price of £50 he said he would drop them in at my house. When I came home Gail had opened the bag and was seeing how high she could stack them, before they fell over, bless her! 
Since then quite a lot have been sold on, but every now and again I still come across little finger prints on these coins and they have to be downgraded! Still it was a good deal 1900 farthings in uncirculated and are now one of the hardest date to find in the old head issue and can command over £30 each in top grade. If at any time I was having the occasional night off without sorting, or reading about coins, Gail would be heard to say "no coining today Dad". 
Gail is now a full time working mum, and an equal partner in the family firm of Charles Snowden Coins, helping out whenever she can, manning the phone when I am at auctions, so if you phone there is a good chance you will be speaking to Gail, she also deals with most of the administrative side of the business, giving me more time to purchase new stock to up-load to the web site. 
The father and daughter team is a family business founded on long -established traditions of accurate grading of stock and always dedicated to customer satisfaction. 
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